Morning Star UMC

Morning Star United Methodist Church

2941 Morning Star Drive  |  Las Cruces, NM 88011  |  575-521-3770

Our Mission is to make NEW disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision is to be inclusive to all God's children by:

  • WELCOMING all into a loving and supportive community
  • JOURNEYING together in the Ways of Jesus Christ
  • CHANGING lives through our gifts, service, and witness

Our PRIMARY mission field is within a three mile radius of the church where we seek to reach:

  1. Young families and single parents
  2. Mature Adults
  3. We are called also to serve Las Cruces, the Mesilla Valley and all of the nations.

Sermons Available for Download

Our sermons are available for download. Please select a sermon from the list below. Please note that the recordings available are audio only.

“Christmas Carols”

Audio Icon   “O’ Come, O’ Come Emmanuel" 11/30/14

“Chip In Sunday”

Audio Icon   “Suspicious Minds" 11/23/14

“The Most Disturbing Things Jesus Said”

Audio Icon   “The Most Disturbing Sermon Part II” 11/16/14

Audio Icon   “The Most Disturbing Sermon Part I” 11/09/14

Audio Icon   “Count the Cost and Choose Wisely” 11/02/14

Audio Icon   “It is Difficult for the Rich to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven” 10/26/14

Audio Icon   "Don’t Be Surprised if the World Hates You" 10/19/14

Audio Icon   “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life” 10/12/14

Audio Icon   ”The Most Disturbing Things Jesus Ever Said” 10/5/14

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Audio Icon   Lessons from Jonah, Repentance 6/29/14

Audio Icon   Lessons from Jonah, God’s Message for the Entire World 6/22/14

Audio Icon   Lessons from Jonah, God’s Sovereignty [sermon unavailable] 6/15/14

Audio Icon   Lessons from Jonah, God’s Compassion 6/8/14

“Chip In”

Audio Icon   To Forgive 6/1/14

Audio Icon   Jesus Needs Your Hands 5/25/14

Audio Icon   It's Amazing What God Can Do 5/11/14

Audio Icon   Confidence in Your Work 5/4/14

Audio Icon   Skeptics and Scars 4/27/14

Audio Icon   From Death to Living the New Life 4/20/14

“ Just Pray: A Basic Guide to Prayer”

Audio Icon   Just Keep Praying 4/13/14

Audio Icon   Just Listen 4/6/14

Audio Icon   Just Stop Worrying 3/30/14

Audio Icon   Just Show Up 3/23/14

Audio Icon   Just Ask 3/16/14

Audio Icon   Just Watch and Learn 3/9/14

“What is a Christian?”

Audio Icon   What Jesus Says Christians are to Be [part 6 of 6] 2/23/14

Audio Icon   Christians Do Not Accept Other Religions? (Guest Pastor) [part 5 of 6] 2/16/14

Audio Icon   Christians are Anti-Gay? [part 4 of 6] 2/9/14

Audio Icon   Christians are too Policital??? [part 3 of 6] 1/26/14

Audio Icon   Christians are Hypocrits [part 2 of 6] 1/19/14

Audio Icon   Christians Are Judgemental [part 1 of 6] 1/12/14

A Christmas Miracle

Audio Icon   Vision1/5/14

Audio Icon   Miracle Worker [part 3 of 3] 12/22/13

Audio Icon   The best gifts are not always in our Christmas stocking [part 2 of 3] 12/10/13

Audio Icon   The Christmas Miracle [part 1 of 3] 12/07/13

Healing Series

Audio Icon   Forgive Me & Heal Me [part 4 of 4] 11/24/13

Audio Icon   The Healing Power of Friendship [part 3 of 4] 11/17/13

Audio Icon   Does Faith Really Heal? [part 2 of 4] 11/10/13

Audio Icon   I Need Healing [part 1 of 4] 11/03/13

Trying to be a Hero

Audio Icon   You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry [part 3 of 3] 10/21/13

Audio Icon   Talent + Character [part 2 of 3] 10/13/13

Audio Icon   With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility [part 1 of 3] 10/6/13

Audio Icon   NMSU Wesley, Preahed by Zach Bechtold the Director of NMSU Wesley 9/28/13

When It’s All About Jesus

Audio Icon   When it’s All About Jesus [part 3 of 3] 9/22/13

Audio Icon   When it’s All About Jesus - Pastor Gorton Smith [part 2 of 3] 9/15/13

Audio Icon   Making Sure Jesus Plans are Our Plans [part 1 of 3] 9/8/13

Audio Icon   Laodicea- The Church That Didn’t Realize it had a Problem 8/25/13

Audio Icon   Philadelphia- The Church That Didn’t Quit 8/18/13

Audio Icon   Sardis - the church that needed a wake-up call 8/11/13

Audio Icon   Thyatura - the compromising church 8/4/13

Audio Icon   Pergamum - the wishy-washy church 7/28/13

Audio Icon   Smyrna - the little church that could 7/21/13

Audio Icon   Meet you in the furnace - Rev. Tom Nagle 7/14/13

Audio Icon   Ephesus - the church that forgot how to love 7/7/13

Audio Icon   Jeroboam & Rehoboam from Stuart Davenport 6/23/13

Audio Icon   Ahab - As Wicked as They Come 6/16/13

Audio Icon   Jehu - from Zach Bechtold 6/9/13

Audio Icon   Solomon - Wisest of All Kings 6/2/13

Audio Icon   Memories that MOVE us 5/26/13

Audio Icon   What truly matters [part 3 of 3] 5/19/13

Audio Icon   What do I want to be remembered for? [part 2 of 3] 5/12/13

Audio Icon   What do I want to leave behind? [part 1 of 3] 5/2/13

Audio Icon   Purpose Versus Preference 4/21/13

Audio Icon   A Little Talk with Jesus 4/14/13

Audio Icon   Mighty Fine Meal 4/7/13

Audio Icon   Resurrection - It's not Optional 3/31/13

Audio Icon   When You're in love 3/10/13

Audio Icon   Luke-Warm Left Overs3/3/13

Audio Icon   Crazy Love Indeed 2/24/13

Audio Icon   "Crazy Love" - Zach Bechtold-Director, Wesley Foundation at NMSU 2/13/13

Audio Icon   Stop Praying and Start Being Awed 2/10/13

Becoming Fluent in the Language of Love

Audio Icon   Learning to Speak Love in Five Languages. [part 1 of 3] 1/13/13

Audio Icon   Keeping the Love Tank Full [part 2 of 3] 1/20/13

Audio Icon   Love is the Greatest Choice [part 3 of 3] 1/27/13